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OneLeg Physio is a global balance challenge that was set up by an Australian Physiotherapist, Glenn Ruscoe. The One Leg Physio campaign invites people to time themselves standing on one leg and then upload their times onto the website OneLeg Physio, or the One Leg Physio Facebook page.

The challenge requires participants to:

  • Stand on one leg with arms crossed over chest
  • Eyes open
  • In bare feet
  • Record your best time of 3 attempts

Many participants have been uploading photos and videos of their attempts, with impressive results!

If possible, you should try the single leg balance with your eyes close. You record your 3 best times. On the OneLeg Physio website, a graph showing average best performances according to age category. This allows you to compare your best time with others of a similar age.

OneLeg Physio

The longest time standing on one leg ever recorded is 76 hours and 40 minutes. Suresh Joachim achieved this time on 22-25 of May 1997.

The one legged stance test is a simple, easy and effective tool to screen for balance impairment in the older adult population.You might think “ I never balance on one leg” so how can this provide any useful information. However, if you break movements and everyday tasks down there are instances where single leg balance and stability is required. For example, putting on trousers, getting out of the bath or shower, stepping off a curb.

Even the gait cycle involves a certain amount of single leg support, which when disrupted, can lead to falls. While this is mostly true for the elderly population, due to changes that occurs as a result of ageing, single leg balance is also a good measurement to carry out on the younger population. You balance and sense of joint position is impaired after you are injured. While this will unlikely lead to falls, poor single leg balance may often predict increased risk of re-injury.

Check out the OneLeg Physio website and get balancing. You can try the standard single leg balance with eyes open. Make it interesting by balancing somewhere unusual (once it is safe!). You could also attempt the difficult dozen which is detailed on the website to improve strength, agility and flexibility.

Post your best time and age category on our ‘Ballsbridge Physiotherapy Clinic’ facebook page. We will be giving out a prize next month for the best time in the under 50 and over 50 age categories. Contact us here.

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