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Injuries & Conditions

  • Pregnancy

    womensPregnancy is a wonderful time for expectant mothers. However, the changes that your body goes through during this time can play havoc on your muscles, bones, back and pelvis.

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  • +Home Treatment

    homevisitsThe clinic offers home based treatment on request in the surrounding area of the clinic.

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  • +Feet

    anklefootPainful feet can make our life a misery. Management includes a comprehensive assessment of the biomechanics of the lower limb and may include the prescription of orthotics.

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  • +Sports Clinic

    Sports clinicSports injuries are commonplace in our modern hectic lifestyles and may even be seen as acceptable and unavoidable in some circumstances, however we don’t believe that this should be the case.

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Clinic Update

We are open for one-to-one consultations

We have enhanced our safety protocols. Click here for details.

Classes continue online

  • Pilates and Stronger for Longer classes are online on a reduced timetable.
  • Many of you would prefer to attend in person. However realistically given the space available in the clinic this service will be online for some time.
  • We also have a few free classes on our YouTube channel.

Virtual consultations

We continue to offer virtual consultations for those who cannot attend in person.

Stay in touch and stay safe
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Chartered Physiotherapist

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