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During current level 5 restrictions the clinic remains open. Physiotherapy is deemed an essential medical service. You are permitted to travel beyond your 5k zone to attend a physio appointment.

Injuries & Conditions

  • Pregnancy

    womensPregnancy is a wonderful time for expectant mothers. However, the changes that your body goes through during this time can play havoc on your muscles, bones, back and pelvis.

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  • +Home Treatment

    homevisitsThe clinic offers home based treatment on request in the surrounding area of the clinic.

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  • +Feet

    anklefootPainful feet can make our life a misery. Management includes a comprehensive assessment of the biomechanics of the lower limb and may include the prescription of orthotics.

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  • +Sports Clinic

    Sports clinicSports injuries are commonplace in our modern hectic lifestyles and may even be seen as acceptable and unavoidable in some circumstances, however we don’t believe that this should be the case.

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COVID19  Announcement

Level 5 Restrictions

You are permitted to travel beyond your 5k zone to attend a medical appointment. Physiotherapy is classified as an essential healthcare service. If you are stopped by the Gardaí on your way to the clinic just produce your text reminder as confirmation of your appointment.

Opening Times

The clinic is open for face to face appointments, Tuesday- Friday and Sunday mornings. Please contact us at 01 6606582 or fill in our contact form and we will get back to you. We are still providing an online service for those who would prefer not to travel to the clinic.

HSE Guidelines

We are adhering to HSE guidance with regard to infection control. All patients are advised to wear a mask and will be screened on arrival. We will be minimising contact with other staff or patients. The Physiotherapist will be wearing PPE for the duration of your consultation. All these measures have been put in place to protect both the therapist and the staff.


We are pleased to announce that we have live online classes available now in the clinic. We also have a few free classes on our YouTube channel.

If you are new to Pilates or Stronger For Longer and would like to join our class contact us and we will organise a short remote consultation to screen you before starting the classes. All our classes are delivered by Chartered Physiotherapists who can deliver safe exercise for those with injuries or ailments.

Stay in touch and stay safe.
Thank you

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