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How Pilates Benefits Running

How Pilates Benefits Running


Running, although a very beneficial form of exercise, is a repetitive and high impact form of exercise. Due to its repetitive nature, the potential for running related injuries is quite high, with any weaknesses in your body becoming quite apparent with increased running. If you were to break running down, it is essentially a series of single leg hops. Therefore requires adequate single leg strength and balance, in co-ordination with upper body movement for propulsion. You should think about pilates.

Pilates perfectly complements running, as it is low impact and can be extremely beneficial in improving running technique and preventing injury. Pilates can help identify muscle imbalances, such as glut weakness vs quad tightness, which therefore improves running efficiency.

A common weakness seen in running, is poor gluteus medius and minimus strength, which is compensated for by increased quad and hip flexor tightness. Pilates can help to increase firing through your gluts, which in turn provides more stability in single leg stance, and dampen down overactivity through other muscles such as quads. Correcting muscular imbalances improves leg strength and endurance.

Other benefits of pilates specific to running include:

  • Improved posture
  • Improved core strength and lower back stability
  • Improvement of breathing patterns and use of the diaphragm
  • Improved biomechanics and overall movement control when running
  • Faster recovery post run and after injury
  • Improved overall strength, flexibility and balance

All of the above benefits combined, assist runners in distributing the force and impact of the activity more efficiently, which is the main factor in preventing and overcoming running related repetitive strain injuries.

If you have been experiencing recurring running related injuries, contact us here. We have a number of different pilates classes ranging from beginner to advanced. Pilates may finally provide the solution to preventing further injury that you have been looking for.

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