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Pilates: Best Exercises for Posture and Alignment

Pilates: Best Exercises for Posture and Alignment


For anyone dealing with posture and alignment related issues, Pilates has proven to be very beneficial. The main concept of Pilates is to encourage the body to move efficiently and with control. By improving flexibility and strength among the muscles and joints of the body, an individual can greatly improve their posture and alignment with various tasks.

How does Pilates improve posture and alignment?

Poor posture puts extra pressure on the joints and muscles causing them to become overloaded. This in turn can lead to increased tightness and subsequent weakness. This creates an imbalance between local postural muscles and larger global muscles, contributing to the development of the poor sitting or standing posture. Incorporating stretching and strengthening Pilates exercises into your weekly exercise regime can assist in strengthening muscles that help maintain appropriate posture, therefore, reducing stress and overload on muscles and joints on the body which will help to provide you with postural support and relieve stress amongst the joints of the body.

What are the best Pilates exercises to practice?

The main Pilates exercises beneficial to correcting postural and alignment issues focus on flexibility, strength and balance.

Good spinal posture and alignment begins with a strong core, improved body awareness and an ability to maintain the lumbar and cervical spine in a neutral position during different tasks. Many Pilates exercises aid in improving muscle imbalances, improving movement, control and muscle endurance. By incorporating exercises such as chin tucks, can help in promoting use of the correct muscles. Especially when sustaining certain postures for a prolonged period of time.

Flexibility exercises are practiced in order to stretch and improve the range of movement of the joints in your body. Rotation and extension exercises in both the lying down and sitting positions focus on increasing the range of motion. This range is in the upper and lower back areas.

Here at Ballsbridge Physiotherapy Clinic, we offer a range of modified Pilates classes for all levels of experience. Our classes are led by a chartered physiotherapist who will tailor your Pilates programme to suit your needs. If you are interested in finding out more about how Pilates can improve your posture and alignment or would like to book an appointment, contact us here.

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