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Run in the Dark: Information for Participants

Run in the Dark: Information for Participants


The annual Run in the Dark event will be taking place on November 16th in over 50 cities worldwide. Each year, thousands of individuals put on their running shoes and head out to one of the biggest night charity runs. It is in aid of finding a cure for paralysis.

Run in the Dark was set up by the Mark Pollock Foundation. It aims to raise approximately €5,000,000 by 2020 through the Run in the Dark event, Team Unbreakable and various fundraising sources. This foundation was set up in order to support Mark Pollock’s search for a paralysis cure. Also, connect scientists and health care practitioners. They can collaborate in scientific research and to put the creation of a paralysis cure on a global stage. Through Mark’s public profile, motivational speaking and the documentary, Unbreakable: The Mark Pollock story. This documentary follows Mark Pollock’s inspirational journey since his spinal cord injury in 2010.

The Run in the Dark event is a fun run which aims to raise awareness and funds. All levels and abilities are welcome. There are two courses: a 5km route and a 10km route. Walkers are encouraged to take part in the 5km. While all 10km participants are advised to be able to run the course in under an hour and 20 minutes.

The Event

The event takes place at 8pm on Custom House Quay and all participants are advised to arrive early. All participants are reminded to wear their run number, which has a timing chip, on their front at all times. You can find your run number in the run packs that you receive in advance of the event. Any participants not wearing their run number will not be allowed to take part in the run. During the registration process you will be allocated your start section based on your estimated running time. Please give yourself enough time to find and position yourself in your correct wave section.

A bag drop facility will be available to all participants at the beginning of the course. Please be advised to drop any baggage that you have at the bag drop facility at most 20 minutes before the event begins. Toilet facilities and First Aid will be situated close to the start and finish lines. No water will be provided during the route so be sure to bring water with you if you require it. Event organisers are also advising participants to not wear any earphones while participating to make sure that you will hear all important instructions and communication.

Warm Up

Make sure to warm up properly by doing some dynamic stretching before the event starts. This will help to warm up your muscles and help to prevent sustaining an injury. If you do happen to injure yourself, stop running and make your way to a First Aid station safely. Make sure that you stay properly hydrated while taking part in the event especially if you are running the 10km course. It may also be a good idea to use an energy gel or alternatively, snack on some jellies during the event to ensure that you keep your energy levels up. Once you have completed the course, keep moving for a few minutes afterwards and give your muscles time to cool down to prevent them from going into spasm or cramping.

If you would like some advice before taking part in the Run in the Dark event or if you have suffered an injury, our physiotherapists are expertly trained in treating sports injuries. We also offer a Go Running clinic where we can assess your running technique and provide you with a biomechanical assessment to ensure that you will perform at your best. To get in touch, contact us here at Ballsbridge Physiotherapy Clinic.

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