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Dublin Night Run: Safety Tips for Running at Night

Dublin Night Run: Safety Tips for Running at Night


The Dublin Night Run is returning to City Park West on September 26th for a third year in a row. The course is limited to 1,000 participants and offers a 5km and 10km option. As the name suggests, this event involves running at night. Due to this, the course has been chosen specifically to make sure that all participants will be safe. The course will be flat, friendly and will contain minimum turns.

Safety Tips for Dublin Night Run

Although this event is organised to ensure all participants safety, it is important to take the necessary safety precautions while training for the Dublin Night Run. Running after dark can be exciting for runners especially those are used to training during the day light hours. However, you also need to be highly alert and aware at all times. Especially if you are running in an area that has heavy traffic or is off the beaten track.

Here at Ballsbridge Physiotherapy Clinic, we suggest that all runners should take the following precautions when training at night for the Dublin Night Run.

Here are our tips for the Dublin Night Run:

Be present – 

When going for a run, it is easy to get lost in the rhythm and let your mind wander. However, it’s important that you stay aware of your surroundings at all times. Especially when in the dark as it can become harder to see oncoming objects or people that are your path. Also, avoid wearing headphones if you can as this can further distract your attention. During the Dublin Night Run, organisers may need to make announcements. During the event, make sure that you are paying attention at all times.

Run a familiar route – 

Running at night is not the appropriate time to try out a  new route. Especially, when you run in an unfamiliar place. Stick to the paths that you’ve ran many times before. Make sure that you have a familiar routes that you can alternate between on your training days. It is also important to stick to busier roads and areas that are well-lit. They may not be as exciting but they are much safer.

Wear the appropriate clothing – 

Vision at night is impaired for everyone but especially for drivers. Make it easy for them to see you by wearing the appropriate clothing while running in the dark. Your clothes and footwear should be both reflective and bright in colour so that you will be visible from a distance. On the day of the Dublin Night Run, make sure that you are wearing running clothing that is comfortable and that you’ve worn before.

Make sure to face the traffic 

If you are running on a road that frequently has traffic, it is advisable to run against the cars. This gives drivers a clear view of what is in front of them but also allows you to be aware of any oncoming traffic. While running at night, it is advisable to avoid rush hour and choose a time that less traffic will be on the roads.

Get yourself a running buddy 

Running with others is a lot safer than running by yourself. Not only are you guaranteed company while on the run but if an accident were to happen, there would be somebody there to help. If you don’t have a friend to run with, consider joining a running group. When training for the Dublin Night Run, always make sure that you bring your phone with you and let a family member or friend know what route you will be running.

If you have any questions about running at night or if you suffer an injury while training the Dublin Night Run, our chartered physiotherapists are trained in treating a range of sports related queries and injuries. If you would like to book an appointment, contact us here.

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