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 Functional Training


Functional Training

Full movement screening service

Functional training can be defined as a way of re-educating or enhancing the body for activities performed in normal activity or sport.

Our physiotherapist David Richards has extensive experience in functional screening enhanced by his role with the Irish Senior Men’s Hockey squad. We offer a full movement screening service that is aimed at identifying any movement ‘flaws’ that may not be obvious. We also offer a way of functional training which has not only been shown to significantly reduce time away from work or sport, but to improve balance, movement, control, mobility, stability, speed and power.

Unfortunately human movement uses combinations of complex patterns of muscle and joint activity that is rarely isolated to one area. Everything we do will have an impact on our bodies; the way we stand, sit, walk, run and even sleep can cause stresses and strains and may lead to pain and injury. Identifying possible movement dysfunctions, and training to eliminate them, can not only accelerate your return back to sport or activity after injury, but also reduce the risk of future problems and pain.


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