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Physiotherapy Treatments


At Ballsbridge Physiotherapy Clinic, we are Chartered Physiotherapist who treat a wide range of injuries and conditions. Our approach to treatment is to make a detailed assessment of your symptoms and following diagnosis, plan a treatment programme which could include manual therapy, exercise and strengthening programmes (core stability) and electrotherapy (ultrasound, laser, interfential, muscle stimulation and biofeedback).

At our clinic we adhere to the ISCP’s guidelines for treating children. This means that children under the age of 18 need to be accompanied by a parent or guardian to physiotherapy appointments.

Medical Insurance

All major health insurers reimburse for physiotherapy treatment without referral from a doctor or consultant. Additional reimbursement is also available from the Revenue Commissioners by completing a MED 1 form. However, this requires a referral from a family doctor or consultant. Both Aileen MaGuire and Sarah Brady are accredited physiotherapists for the Irish Life Health Back-Up programme. Check with Irish Life Health to see if this direct payment option is available to you or contact us here to speak with one of our consultants.

  • Sports Clinic

    physiotherapy treatments running chartered physiotherapist, near baggot streetThe same principles and dynamic approach used in high end rehabilitation are applied to benefit sportspeople of all abilities and ages. Whether you are a recreational athlete or an elite athlete the approach is the same.

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  • +Physical Therapy | Manual Therapy

    physiotherapy treatments back massage chartered physiotherapist, near baggot streetManual therapy is defined as using skilled, specific hands-on techniques, to assess and treat soft tissue and joint structures.

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  • +Exercise Prescription

    physiotherapy treatments running chartered physiotherapist, near baggot streetSince the development of the profession, Physiotherapists have sought to empower their patient’s to maintain a healthy body through appropriate exercise.

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  • +Orthotics

    physiotherapy treatments orthotics chartered physiotherapist, near baggot streetA lower-limb orthosis is an external device applied to a lower-body segment to improve function. The improved function is accomplished by controlling motion, providing support through stabilizing gait, reducing pain through transferring load to another area, correcting flexible deformities, and preventing progression of fixed deformities.

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  • +Dry Needling

    physiotherapy treatments dry needling image, near baggot streetDry needling involves the use of filiform needles (the same needles used in acupuncture), to treat myofascial trigger points that can cause acute and chronic pain; resulting biomechanical dysfunction.

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  • +Home Treatment

    physiotherapy treatments house imageThe clinic offers home based treatment on request in the surrounding area of the clinic. This service includes the physiotherapist providing specialist physiotherapy treatment from the comfort of the patient’s home for those who are unable to attend the clinic.

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  • +Pilates and Pregnancy Pilates

    Pilates, physiotherapy, near baggot streetOur Pilates Classes are based on the Pilates method modified and taught by a chartered physiotherapist. Our success relies on our medical background and research-based approach to modified Pilates training.

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  • +Functional Training

    Functional training, physiotherapy, near baggot streetOur physiotherapist David Richards has extensive experience in functional screening enhanced by his role with the Irish Senior Men’s Hockey squad. We offer a full movement screening service that is aimed at identifying any movement ‘flaws’ that may not be obvious.

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  • +Exercise for Osteoporosis

    home copy, physiotherapy near baggot streetThese exercises are offered on a one to one basis and our clinical specialist in sports and exercise medicine will tailor the programme to suit each individual’s needs. Sessions last 45 minutes and run on a six-week basis.

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  • +Work Station (Ergonomics) Assessment

    Work station ergonomics, physiotherapy near baggot streetRecommendations can be made regarding posture, desk height, seating, computer and phone set up to prevent injuries from occurring.  This low cost intervention is invaluable to both the employee and employer in creating a safe and healthy work environment.

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