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Wellness at Work



Physiotherapy has long being associated with treating aches and pains: applying a solution after the damage /injury has occurred. In our practice we have noticed that small changes and advice can quickly clear niggly aches and pains (e.g. a short session of treatment to a neck combined with advice of where to position your mouse and keyboard can resolve months of “end of day” niggly neck pain). These problems, whilst bothersome, often aren’t severe enough to necessitate taking time out to attend a clinic resulting in “Presenteeism”, which can lead to substantial financial loss.

On Site Physiotherapy

We believe providing access to Physiotherapy on site (e.g. from 1 day/week to 1 day/month) would be extremely valuable to your staff.

  • Complimenting your commitment to staff well-being by providing access to healthcare professionals.
  • Improving awareness among staff on the value you place on their comfort.
  • Giving access to expert advice; solving the Issue at the source. This makes our life easier too; as often the set-up at the work station is a major contributor to daily aches and pains.
  • Easier access means a faster solution: people are more likely to seek advice and treatment earlier therefore less likely to have acute episodes of pain.
  • Highly qualified, experienced Physiotherapists available to your staff.

For the Full Wellness at Work Brochure please download HERE