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Benefits of Running a Marathon or Half Marathon

Benefits of Running a Marathon or Half Marathon


The Rock’N’Roll Marathon is fast approaching on August 12th and the Dublin Marathon on October 27th; your training may be kicking off. In August, we are doing a series about marathon preparation. This first blog is about the benefits of running a marathon and half marathon.

First Blog: Benefits of Running a Marathon or Half Marathon

Second Blog: How to Prepare for your First Marathon or Half Marathon

Third Blog: Common Marathon Injuries

Fourth Blog: How to Avoid Injuries During a Marathon or Half Marathon

Here are 6 Benefits of Running a Marathon or Half Marathon 

1.Gain Running Motivation:

When training for a marathon or half marathon, you have to train for a longer amount of time. This means that you will have a training schedule. You are working to a big goal and this will keep you motivated to keep training and running.

2.Health Benefits:

Running has many health benefits. When you run, it can strengthen your bones and muscles. Training you will lose weight and running helps you maintain a healthy weight. Running also decreases your risk of stroke or heart attack.

3.Confidence Boost:

Running a marathon or half marathon can improve your mental health. You will get major bragging rights for finishing the marathon. This will give you a confidence boost and sense of accomplishment, which improves you mental health. Running can also be helpful with stress relief as well. Exercise releases endorphins, which is a hormone that makes you happier.

4.Raise Money for Charity:

When you run a marathon, it’s usual to raise money for a charitable organisation. Running the marathon or half marathon is huge achievement, but fundraising can make it even more rewarding. This will help an organisation and it can help give you extra motivation.


Because running a marathon is not something you can train for in a short amount of time, you will need more structure and a longer time to train. You will learn a structured schedule with different workouts what day you will do them. When you are training for a marathon you will have a structured schedule and this structured schedule will last after your marathon.

6.Meet New People:

Training and participating in a marathon or half marathon gives you many opportunities to meet new people. You could join a running club to help with your training. This is an easy way to meet people. It is also easy to meet new people because you can bond over the training experience and race day, especially if its your first marathon.

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