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Why Physiotherapy is Helpful for Whiplash Recovery

Why Physiotherapy is Helpful for Whiplash Recovery


Whiplash is caused by a sudden movement where the head goes forward and back at high speed. In a lot of cases it can be as a result of being hit from behind, as in a car collision. However other movements such as falling can cause a whiplash injury. As physiotherapists we will often use the Quebec Task Force Classification to grade the severity of a whiplash injury from the very mild to the more severe injuries.

A whiplash injury can be associated with a variety of symptoms. Neck pain and stiffness would be the most commonly reported symptoms, but other symptoms can also occur. This can include: headaches, arm pain, numbness or tingling in the arm, dizziness, fatigue.

At Ballsbridge Physiotherapy Clinic we have in-depth knowledge of dealing with a multitude of whiplash related symptoms. Your Chartered Physiotherapist will undertake a detailed examination to determine the source of your pain, be it joint, muscle or nerve. A treatment approach to target this source of pain will be discussed with you.

There are a range of treatments which can ease pain and aid normal function. The muscles of the neck can be effected by whiplash. They may not work as effectively as before. Exercises to strengthen the muscles of the neck can be so helpful in relieving pain and improving function. Range of movement exercises to restore the movement in the neck may also be appropriate.

Joint mobilisation techniques may also be used to restore movement to the neck, upper back and shoulders. These techniques, along with soft tissue massage, can be really helpful for pain relief.

Advice on posture is another important element to aid your recovery. Sitting in a slumped posture can increase the strain on the muscles and joints of the neck. Improving your position can reduce strain on the neck.

Physiotherapy can, therefore, be helpful for a variety of symptoms associated with Whiplash. At our Dublin 4 clinic we can work with you to help you recover you’re your injury. Feel free to contact us for further information

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