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Top Training Tips for Run-A-Muck

Top Training Tips for Run-A-Muck


Run a Muck takes place on Saturday 7th March in Co. Kildare and is a cross country running event involving obstacles such as net scrambles, tyre jumps and slides. It will be a full body work out, and for anyone who’s registered; here are some top tips for preparing for this event:


With only a few days to go to the big day, getting enough rest is one of the most important things you can do to prepare. At this stage, you’ve done enough preparation. Trust that your body will hold up to the challenge. If you feel you haven’t done enough preparation for the run, you’re more likely to injure yourself if you’re pushing hard to get last minute training in and using up valuable energy.

Warm Up:

This event involves using lots of different muscle groups and doing many different movements that your body may not be used to. It is important to prepare your body by doing a warm up before the event starts. This can include a light jog and some gentle stretches to get the body moving.


Eating a well balanced meal the night before will provide you with the nutrition and energy to complete this tiring course. Include some protein, such as lean meat or fish and some carbohydrates in your meal. Remember to drink plenty before the run, to keep you hydrated.


You just have to look at the testimonials to see that this should be a really enjoyable event. It will be a physical challenge, asking your body to do exercise that it may not be used to. Enjoy the achievement that you feel, setting yourself a physical challenge and completing it!

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