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Tips For Gardening

Tips For Gardening


It’s that time of year again that a lot of people rediscover their love of gardening. It’s great to be outdoors in the fresh air and keeping moving. But what about the nasty aches and pains that can often follow the next day? Here are a few tips for gardening to help keep you gardening happily all summer long:

– If you are lifting remember to bend your knees, keep the load close to your body and avoid twisting as you lift

– Take regular breaks and avoid gardening for too long

– If you are moving potted plants, move them when they are dry and weigh less rather than after watering when they are heavy

–  Use appropriate tools, if you are over-stretching this will increase the strain on your back

– Plant narrow beds to avoid having to stretch to reach to the back of flower beds and plant raised beds if possible to avoid too much bending

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