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Summer Exercise Tips

Summer Exercise Tips


Over the last week we’ve seen temperatures soar and many of us have used it as a good excuse to get outdoors and get moving. This is a great time of year to start an exercise routine that you can keep up year round. But exercise enthusiasts need to have caution when exercising in this warm weather.

Exercise Tips

  • Even in Ireland the sun can be damaging to skin. Follow the Irish Cancer Society’s SunSmart code. Check the UV index and if needed wear a hat, sunglasses and sunscreen as necessary. Avoid prolonged exposure to the sun between the hours of 11am-3pm.
  • When we exercise in hot weather we sweat more, our body’s way of cooling itself. It’s very important to increase your water intake when exercising to prevent dehydration. Avoid fizzy drinks as they won’t give you the same benefit as water. The Texas Heat Institute recommends having 1 litre of fluid available for each hour of exercise.
  • Slow down. When the temperature rises, it takes more effort to complete the same amount of exercise. Don’t try doing the same pace you do on a cooler day.
  • Many people take to the water for exercise in hot weather but you need to be cautious with this. Last year’s heat wave saw a huge number of drownings. Make sure you stick to places with lifeguard patrol and follow the advice of Irish Water Safety.

Follow these tips to help stay safe and comfortable when exercising in the summer!

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