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Shoulder Tendinopathy

Shoulder Tendinopathy


The rotator cuff is a group of four tendons that surround the shoulder joint. The shoulder is a joint that has a large range of movement. It is not a very stable joint and the rotator cuff, among other muscles, help to increase that stability of the shoulder. The tendons of the rotator cuff muscles can often be a source of shoulder pain. Irritation of the shoulder tendons can often occur as a result of overuse. Repeated movements such as reaching the arm overhead or throwing a ball can lead to a tendinopathy of the shoulder.


Treatment for tendinopathy of the shoulder may include trigger point dry needling of the rotator cuff muscles. The aim of this is to relieve pain originating from these muscles. Manual therapy of the shoulder and thoracic spine can help to restore pain-free movement to the shoulder. A stretching and strengthening programme will be implemented to help your shoulder recover.


Ergonomics are really important when it comes to shoulder problems. Sitting at a desk with poor posture can cause stress and strain on structures around the shoulder. At Ballsbridge Physiotherapy we place an emphasis on ensuring your posture and desk set up are correct. This will help relieve pressure on the shoulder.

If your physiotherapist feels they need further information about your condition you may be referred for imaging studies. Although ultrasound studies are useful in detecting injuries in the tendons of the shoulder an MRI scan is normally the investigation of choice for shoulder pain.

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