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Running and Low Back Pain

Running and Low Back Pain


15 days to go to the Dublin City Marathon 2013.  Congratulations on getting this far.  For most runners this weekend will have seen the last of the long runs.  At this stage of the year we often see very frustrated patients, who having done the hard stuff find a niggling low back pain or buttock pain.  You’ve done all the right things and suddenly your body starts misbehaving.  First up: rest.  You’ve done the training trust your plan.  Secondly: apply an icepack (wrapped in a wet towel) to the painful area.  Seek advice from us if symptoms persist for more than 48 hours.  Correct intervention can help these symptoms settle quickly.

Most problems at this stage are caused by overload.  No matter how hard we try muscle imbalances are common, especially among runners whose side to side discrepancies are reinforced through the repetitive action of running.  Even with 2 weeks to go an accurate assessment, soft tissue release (deep tissue massage, dry needling) and an appropriate exercise programme can alleviate symptoms and ensure you achieve your goal on October 28th.

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