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How To Prevent Injury Recurring

How To Prevent Injury Recurring


If you have suffered from injury recurring in the past, you may still have a niggling pain, soreness or stiffness. This may mean the original injury has not healed completely. One of the best ways to avoid recurring injury is to make sure you have had correct treatment from a physiotherapist to deal with the initial injury. Of course, you can always attend your physiotherapist before you embark on any new fitness plan or when taking up exercise after a long gap.

Your physiotherapist can help give you the means to avoid getting injuries during exercise. If, however, you have been injured in the past, it is important to do everything you can to avoid repeating it. It is important to remember that a lot of injuries do not just go away, but need treatment to heal properly and also to prevent further or repeat injury.

The experts at Ballsbridge Physiotherapy Clinic work closely with clients to help avoid injury or recurrence of injury.

  • Your physiotherapist can come up with Rehabilitation plan to avoid aggravating your injury. This will be a programme which is tailored specifically for you.
  • If exercise is part of your treatment plan, follow the advice of your physiotherapist in returning to normal activity. Take the advice of your physiotherapist in returning to normal activity.
  • Your physiotherapist will work with you to adjust and modify your training techniques, to avoid future injury.
  • If you have experienced a repetitive injury, talk to your physiotherapist who can work with you to improve posture or to ease pressure on your back, for example.
  • It is essential that you do a proper warm up and cool down when exercising. Your physiotherapist can advise you on good stretching technique to avoid repeated injury. You may also be given instructions in strength training.
  • Physiotherapy to avoid recurrent injury or to deal with such an injury, may involve the use of manual therapy, massage or manipulation.

At Ballsbridge Physiotherapy Clinic we work with you to address any injury you may have, making sure that the programme is suited to you.  Of course the best way to avoid recurring injury is injury prevention at the outset, but if you are worried about a nagging injury or have experienced injury in the past, contact us to for the best approach to the problem or to get on the road to recovery.


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