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Pregnant And Suffering Lower Back Pain?

Pregnant And Suffering Lower Back Pain?


Continuing our theme of back pain, today’s topic is lower back pain in pregnancy. 50-70% of women will experience back pain while pregnant.  Recent studies show that sensitivity to pain is raised during pregnancy, which confirms what we often hear in the clinic: the patient finds the pain can be more severe than previously experienced. So what causes these unwanted symptoms of pain, disturbed sleep and difficulty climbing stairs:

  • Weight gain: a normal response to pregnancy but it does increase the load on your low back.
  • Posture changes: the growing baby requires changes in posture with your centre of gravity shifting forwards again increasing the load on the low back
  • Lifestyle demands: as your body changes prolonged standing or sitting in combination with the above increases the load on muscles and ligaments
  • Hormones: hormones during pregnancy result in a softening of your ligaments preparing your body for the growth and delivery of your baby.  However  these changes can alter the stability of your low back and pelvis.

What can you do?

  • Avoid high heels: high heels increase the forward tilt of your pelvis which may already be causing you some difficulty. Supportive footwear is the best solution.  Remember your feet are carrying that extra load so ballerina pumps or flip flops may not be sufficient.
  • Appropriate exercise: under the guidance of your Physiotherapist, exercises to maintain the stability of your pelvis and low back are the key to controlling your symptoms.  Your abdominal muscles do not have to “take a holiday” while pregnant; they must continue to provide support for your low back while pregnant and after the arrival of your baby.

Why contact us: Physiotherapists are uniquely placed to assess your symptoms and advise you on safe management while pregnant.  We understand the modifications that are needed when treating the mother during her ante-natal and post-natal periods.  At Ballsbridge Physiotherapy Clinic we have lots of experience in managing these problems in a safe and effective manner.

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