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New Year, New You – Pilates can benefit you

New Year, New You – Pilates can benefit you


At this time of year, many people are starting to feel guilty about the amount of mince pies or mulled wine being consumed. But with January and New Year’s resolutions just around the corner, it’s a great time to start thinking about positive changes in your life. One positive change that can be made is to start a new exercise routine, or add to your current exercise regime. A Pilates class can be a great way to start the New Year and can have many benefits, both physical and mental.

What Can Pilates Do For You?

Here at Ballsbridge Physiotherapy we run Clinical Pilates classes that can have many benefits for you. Pilates classes can help improve muscle strength and tone, this can be great for shifting that post-Christmas bulge. They can also improve joint flexibility and postural alignment. Pilates is a challenging form of exercise and it can help challenge and improve your balance. The relaxed environment and breathing exercises completed during class can contribute to relaxation and stress relief.  Many sports players also find that Pilates can improve sports performance.

Many types of people can benefit from Pilates. This can range from those who are already fit and active to those with ongoing neck or back pain. Those with poor posture, whiplash and those who have recently had a baby can also benefit from a Pilates class. If you haven’t attended a class before we offer a free assessment, to check your suitability for a class. Please feel free to contact us at our Dublin 4 clinic for further information.

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