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Nutrition and Exercise Tips For Rugby Players

Nutrition and Exercise Tips For Rugby Players


In order for rugby players to reach optimum performance, it is vital for them to follow a healthy eating regime in conjunction with their training sessions. During pre-season training your body will be pushed to its absolute limits, so excellent nutrition is key for the foundation upon which sports performance is built.

If you are a rugby player, find out why we recommend functional training and excellent nutrition in order to reach optimum performance:

Functional Training Is Vital

Functional fitness is very important for any rugby player. These types of exercises have a direct impact on your performance on the pitch. Functional exercises train several muscle groups. Whilst training these several muscle groups, you execute movements performed in everyday life that can improve balance, core strength and flexibility. An example of a functional exercise would be a squat. This exercise trains your body for the proper movement for lifting items by using your body weight to strengthen muscles. Weights can be added to increase the difficulty of this exercise. By incorporating this exercise into your workout routine, you will gain strength in your movements, both on and off the rugby pitch.

Another type of exercise that is regarded as being important for rugby players is deadlifts. The deadlift is considered to be an important weight training exercise, as well as lunges, which improve your posture by strengthening the back, shoulder and arms, and improves lower body strength and flexibility.

What Is The Idea Of Functional Training?

The main idea of functional training is that each exercise should be more natural and carry over into daily life. When using functional exercises to train, it is important to add variety to your exercise routine. By using different forms of resistance, such as; stretch bands, kettle bells and dumbells, you will create a challenge for your body, therefore building strength.

Why Is Nutrition So Important?

As well as exercise, nutrition for rugby players is vital. Many rugby players recommend eating four balanced meals each day. In these meals you should be getting a high amount of protein. Also, eating a sufficient amount of carbohydrates with your meals is vital.

The day before a match takes place, you should be eating more food than usual and abstain from drinking alcohol. Shortly before exercise, high GI (Glycemic Index) snacks, such as fruit, are recommended. Low GI foods should be consumed as part of a meal, particularly on the evening before a match, as this type of food is excellent for the slow release of energy. Low GI foods include wholemeal bread, pasta, and brown rice.

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