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Our New Website – Ballsbridge Physiotherapy Clinic

Our New Website – Ballsbridge Physiotherapy Clinic


Welcome to our revamped new website. We have added lots of new information and you can meet our new member of staff, Sarah Brady. Take a look at the injury prevention section, these are some services we provide in addition to core physiotherapy.

Our core strengthening classes are as popular as ever. Based on the Pilates method (max 6 participants, led by a chartered physiotherapist), they are designed to improve core strength and flexibility. They are especially suitable for those recovering from injury who, may have struggled with attending similar classes in a gym. The next set start in September, the week commencing Monday 2nd.

For those of you out running in this fabulous weather take a look at the details on functional screening.  This is a series of tests aimed at diagnosing movement faults in the lower limb which, can lead to those niggling aches and pains such as IT Band Syndrome and lateral knee pain. Identification of these movement faults means you can start working on a rehabilitation programme before the pain sets in. Training for the Dublin marathon?? Each year we see people with these problems just as they hit the 18/20 mile mark in their training programme. Trying to alleviate the issue at that stage is difficult especially as people are trying to complete their “long runs” before the big day. “Prevention is better than the cure”.  Contact us if you would like any further information.

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