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Do I Need to See a Physiotherapist?

Do I Need to See a Physiotherapist?


If you are experiencing pain or problems with movement, you may benefit from the help of a chartered Physiotherapist. A professional can provide a wide range of services, from orthotics to injury prevention. You do not need a Doctor’s referral to attend a physiotherapist. If however, you are under medical supervision the experts at Ballsbridge Physiotherapy Clinic can work in conjunction with your Doctor to ensure you get the best care. In general, if you are experiencing persistent discomfort, a trip to your physiotherapist can make a real difference to your quality of life. There are many reasons people attend physiotherapy, including:

  • Back pain: it is widely recognised that physiotherapy can have lasting benefits in the treatment of back pain whether it be a physical exercise programme or manual therapy. Manual therapy uses hands on techniques such as deep tissue massage, trigger point release, joint mobilisation or manipulation.
  • Shoulder painWhether your pain is a result of a frozen shoulder, injury or arthritis, physiotherapy can greatly improve movement and ease the pain associated with the problem. Neck pain can also be treated using the skills of a chartered physiotherapist.
  • Knee pain: This can be an issue for many people, be it in relation to ligament or cartilage problems or weakness around the knee joint. Again, if you are experiencing problems with knee movement or sustained discomfort, your physiotherapist can work with you to address the issues.
  • Injury: If you have sustained an injury, physiotherapy may be an essential part of your recovery. Following fractures or muscle tears, you may need the help of a chartered physiotherapist. Working together to restore normal movement and ease pain, the services provided could greatly increase the speed at which you recover. Sports injuries and over-use injuries alike can see increased healing with the aid of proper and skilled treatment.
  • Rehabilitation: Following an accident, surgery or steroid injection, physiotherapy is often part of the healing process.

The experts at Ballsbridge Physiotherapy Clinic work in an extensive range of treatment areas and with various illnesses and injuries. Whether it is manual therapy following an injury or accident, or treatment of chronic pain, there are many routes that your physiotherapist can investigate.

From orthotics to treatment of bowel disorders, the range of services may be surprising to some. In essence, if you experience pain or problems with movement your physiotherapist will be able to help. They can also have a positive influence in the management or recovery from a range of injuries or illnesses. Contact us to discuss the course of treatment best suited to your needs.

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