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Neck Pain – Causes And Symptoms

Neck Pain – Causes And Symptoms


Most people suffer from neck pain from time to time. From sitting at our desks too long, injuring ourselves playing sports, or from just too much stress. Symptoms can include headaches, stiffness and reduced mobility, but most of the time this pain will fade after a few days. However, those suffering from severe prolonged neck pain should seek guidance and relief from a physiotherapist.

At Ballsbridge Physiotherapy Clinic we have many years’ experience dealing with problems associated with neck pain.  Some of the main contributors to this common ailment are poor posture, physical strain and, in many cases, whiplash. We have put together a list of the most common causes and symptoms.

Causes and symptoms

  • Whiplash: whiplash occurs when the neck has experienced a severe jerk, typically as a result of being a driver/passenger involved in a car collision. Because of the sudden force, the muscles or ligaments in the neck can strain resulting in pain and stiffness pain and stiffness. Sometimes the pain can happen at the moment of injury or it can develop after a few hours or days. Symptoms can also include a headache that starts at the base of the skull and radiates toward the forehead.
  • Sports injuries: neck pain can be the result of strain caused by sports-related injuries. A muscle in the neck (strain) or irritation of a ligament (sprain) can cause severe pain in the neck. Rugby and hockey players are high-risk for these types of injuries. Symptoms include: neck pain/ache, stiffness and muscle spasms in neck and shoulders.
  • Poor posture: sitting at your desk or continuous heavy lifting as part of your everyday activities can lead to neck pain. Poor posture puts stress on the lower part of the neck just above the shoulders. Soft tissues in these areas will become irritated, resulting in pain in the lower neck and down the shoulder blades, which could potentially lead to a herniated disc.
  • Stress: stress and anxiety have a physical effect on your body. When you suffer from stress your body will begin to tense muscles as part of your natural coping mechanisms. One of the causes of neck pain can be prolonged anxiety, which causes your muscles to stiffen and ache. Fortunately this pain is easy to treat and can be avoided.


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