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Muscle Contusion: Benefits of Physiotherapy Treatment

Muscle Contusion: Benefits of Physiotherapy Treatment


Firstly, what is a muscle contusion? A muscle contusion results from a bruise of the muscle following a direct blow or repeated blows to a part of the body. This resulting in crushing of the muscle fibres underneath.

How can physiotherapy help treat a muscle contusion?

In the initial stages, your physiotherapist can help give you advice on compression, elevation, modifying load and activity levels. Your therapist will also provide you with range of movement exercises to encourage gentle movement of the muscle or affected area.

Following this initial stage. your physiotherapist will progress your rehabilitation to suit your ability and needs. To regain a full range of movement of the muscle, you will have to do mobility exercises.  Regaining normal function of the affected area or joint is very important to return to previous level of activity. For example, if your leg was affected by gait and later running, re-education may be integral aspects of your rehabilitation.

Regaining strength and endurance of the injured muscle are also key aspects of your rehabilitation. Your physiotherapist will give you an individualised exercise programme to help you return to sport.

Your physiotherapist will also provide you with sport specific exercises. They will also give you advice on returning to contact or non-contact sports. Furthermore, physiotherapy treatments such as soft or deep tissue massage, dry needling or joint mobilisations may be used where appropriate, to facilitate a speedy recovery.

Moreover, your physiotherapist will be keeping an eye out for complications that may arise following a muscle contusion. Compartment syndrome is rapid bleeding and fluid build-up resulting in painful swelling that may disrupt the blood flow to a limb. Compartment syndrome requires medical attention and your therapist will advise you with this. Another complication that may present from a muscle is myositis ossificans. This condition may result from a rehabilitation programme. If it is too rapid and results in the bruised muscle growing bone instead of new muscles cells.

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