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How Manual Therapy Can Benefit Back Pain

How Manual Therapy Can Benefit Back Pain


Back pain is a common problem and 80% of people will experience back pain at some stage in life. For most people the pain will be short lived and may need to consult a physiotherapist for advice and exercises only. But for some people the pain can be more problematic and further treatment can be necessary. In many cases manual therapy can be helpful.

Manual therapy is treatment carried out with the therapist’s hands. This includes mobilisations which are rhythmic movements of a patient’s joints or, manipulation, a quicker thrusting movement with the aim of eliciting a click or cavitation within the joint. Massage therapy is also a form of manual therapy.

Manual therapy can be useful for back pain in many ways. Massage therapy can be used to loosen tight muscles, thus relieving pain and stiffness. Mobilisations can restore movement to stiff joints, making every-day tasks easier again. Manipulation can be used to regain end-range movement in a joint that is not irritable. Manual therapy is used as part of a comprehensive rehab programme which may include stretching or strengthening exercises, dry needling and ergonomic advice. If you feel you may benefit from manual therapy for your low back pain, contact us at our Dublin 4 clinic for further information.

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