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Is Knee Pain Keeping You From Sport?

Is Knee Pain Keeping You From Sport?




If you are one of the many cyclists, runners or hikers that suffer with pain on the outside of the knee with sport you may be experiencing Ilioitibial Band Syndrome (IT Band). This knee pain is often worse with downhill activities and often starts with a change in activity levels. Usually the outside of the knee is very tender to touch. IT Band Syndrome can occur as a result of training errors such as:


  • increasing mileage or speed too quickly
  • excessive hill training
  • insufficient rest days
  • poor equipment e.g old runners or incorrect saddle height on bike

Or anatomical/biomechanical errors such as:

  • excessive changes in the arch of your foot profile when weight-bearing
  • weak muscles around the hip
  • tight muscles on the outside of the leg

Your chartered physiotherapist will assess these factors and discuss your training programme to address all the factors contributing to this problem. Have a look at our functional screening section.  The tests we use are a useful screening tool in addressing the afore-mentioned biomechanical issues.

If tight muscles are part of the problem foam rolling can help to loosen these muscles and relieve your pain. Check out this demonstration of Foam Rolling your IT Band. 





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