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Keeping Active and Injury Free Over 60

Keeping Active and Injury Free Over 60


There are so many benefits to exercise throughout your life. Keeping active as you hit and pass the 60 mark is the key to better physical and mental health. Good reasons to keep active or to get off the couch and get active:

Keeping active or getting active

  • Our metabolism slows with age and sometimes keeping the weight off can be a challenge. Exercise helps speed up metabolism and also can increase muscle mass which can burn more calories. So not only can it help with maintaining your goal weight, you can also look toned too. Being a healthy weight also has a myriad of other health benefits.
  • Exercise can reduce the effects of illness or disease. Exercise gives you better bone health, helps regulate blood pressure and strengthens your heart. In the over 60s, exercise can help your immune system. It can even lower your chances of suffering from a range of conditions as you age.
  • As we age we need quality sleep.  Exercise also helps us get a sound night’s sleep, which is something we all strive for.
  • Keeping active keeps you strong and flexible and aids coordination. It also helps balance and reduces the risk of falls and injury.
  • If you keep fit it can have a huge impact on aiding positive mental health.

So what exercise should you take?

If you have been away from keeping active for some time, build up your fitness gradually. Dancing or Tai Chi are good ways to get moving again. Walking can be a great way to get exercise into your daily routine. At Ballsbridge Physiotherapy Clinic we have wonderful Pilates Classes led by a chartered physiotherapist, so you will be in safe hands if you are getting active for the first time. The classes are for all ages and we offer a free assessment to make sure you are suitalbe for these classes.

Staying active is good for the body and the mind. These days 60 is still young, but it is a good time to make sure that you are keeping fit for the future. At Ballsbridge Physiotherapy Clinic we can give you expert advice and work with you to decide the best form of exercise for you.

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