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How Physiotherapy Can Improve Your Health

How Physiotherapy Can Improve Your Health


At Ballsbridge Physiotherapy Clinic we also have expert Pilates instructors who are experienced physiotherapists. So how exactly can physiotherapy improve your health in an overall context?

Physiotherapy has expanded greatly into a number of health areas. Viewing the body and health in holistic terms, it can aid health in terms of, movement and exercise routine which can have real benefits for health. Physiotherapy today not only deals with intervention and rehabilitation but it is increasingly viewed in terms of health promotion and in relation to prevention of injury or pain.

Physiotherapy – Improve your health

  • If you are considering improving your lifestyle or starting a new exercise programme, your chartered physiotherapist can provide vital assistance and advice. Working with you, they can help you with exercise technique, avoidance of injury and a full movement screening service.  All of these things can really improve overall health and with the guidance of your physiotherapist you can enjoy better health.
  • If you have a disability or a chronic pain condition, physiotherapy can be vital in improving your overall health. A managed plan with your physiotherapist can improve your mobility, your strength and quality of life.
  • Working with your physiotherapist you can gain better posture, movement and exercise technique. You can learn better ways to put less strain on your body and also how to enjoy life to the full while avoiding stress or injury.
  • In older people physiotherapy can form part of a general health regime, helping them to stay active, keep fit and avoid injury or strain.
  • Physiotherapy can be useful in terms of women’s health over the course of a lifetime from pelvic floor exercise and antenatal and postnatal education to prevention of osteoporosis. It can guide women through healthy living from puberty to older age.

Talk to us at Ballsbridge Physiotherapy Clinic is you are considering using physiotherapy to improve your overall health.  Our experts will be happy to help.


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