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How to Help Recovery in Between Physiotherapy Sessions

How to Help Recovery in Between Physiotherapy Sessions


Whether it’s an accident, a fall or a sports injury, we know that attending your chartered physiotherapist can have a huge impact on your recovery, but you also have an important part to play in getting back movement and function. There are a number of ways to speed up recovery. In most cases your physiotherapist will require you to do certain exercises at home or at work, following your formal physiotherapy sessions.

  • Your chartered physiotherapist is highly skilled and trained to assess and treat injury and pain. Equally they can also prescribe exercise for you in between sessions. This will continue the work done in the session and help regain function.
  • You can speed up recovery by doing targeted exercise which your physiotherapist will go through with you. These exercises will not be painful but will help you gradually regain strength and movement. You may not be able to attend physiotherapy a number of times in one week, so it is important to do your exercises in between sessions.
  • Specific exercises are prescribed to help you recover as quick as possible. This will help resolve symptoms and minimise the amount of physiotherapy sessions you need.
  • Your physiotherapist will monitor your progress and they will work with you to increase the level and type of exercise that you should undertake each week.
  • You can avoid further injury or pain by following the advice of the experts in Ballsbridge Physiotherapy Clinic in relation to adhering to the programme agreed with you. You may be taking pain relief for your injury or condition. Equally if prescribed exercises to aid recovery, it is a good idea to try to stick to the agreed programme. It’ll help you in the long run.
  • One of the ways to speed up recovery is to have a look at your overall lifestyle. Eating well, getting sleep and trying to reduce stress all can have a positive impact on getting over accident, pain or injury. Get a good night’s sleep, make sure to eat a healthy balanced diet and stick to the programme agreed with your physiotherapist. Try to reduce stress, your physiotherapist can advise you on good breathing techniques, relaxation and on sleeping positions which can help you rest better.


At Ballsbridge Physiotherapy Clinic, our experts will work closely with you to devise the best exercise plan, specifically tailored for you. The closer you follow the advice given, the speedier the recovery. It will also reduce your physiotherapy costs so it makes sense to help your own recovery in between sessions.

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