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Top Tips For Training For ‘Hell and Back’

Top Tips For Training For ‘Hell and Back’


Hell and Back describes itself as Ireland’s Toughest Physical and Mental Endurance Challenge. With that in mind we thought some training tips for those attempting this challenge would be really helpful.

Varied training:

To hell and back takes place over a 10km course, so many people would think that building up running over that distance would be the best and only type of training necessary. While this will certainly be helpful for your aerobic endurance, this event involves; climbing, crawling and jumping as well, which will challenge your strength, power and endurance. A variety of training is important.

Body weight resistance:

You don’t need to run out and become a gym member to train properly for this event. Many exercises use body weight resistance to improve strength and these are really useful. These include exercises such as; squats, lunges, planks and triceps dips. Add these into your training programme to increase your strength.

Watch your diet:

If you are hoping to build muscle mass as part of your training, make sure you are eating enough protein. Foods such as red meat, fish, nuts and dairy products can be great sources of protein.

Beware of the elements:

This is a winter event and you will be getting wet. Long sleeve base layers and long pants will protect your arms and legs from the worst of the weather. Choose a quick drying fabric that won’t hold moisture to your skin. Make sure to tie your trainers tight to avoid losing them in the mud.

Get some inspiration:

Check out these blogs on the Hell and Back website if some much needed inspiration is lacking!

Enjoy it and good luck! Feel free to contact us at Ballsbridge Physio for further information.

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