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The Healing Power of Pilates

The Healing Power of Pilates


Joseph Pilates was said to have called his form of exercise “the complete co-ordination of body, mind and spirit”.  Pilates is renowned to have a hand in healing in many ways.  Over the years since it was developed, it has been well recognised for its ability to give you a workout while also having the calming benefits of helping with issues such as stress and anxiety.

Benefits of Pilates

There are a number of ways in which Pilates classes can help you physically and emotionally.  There are also many ways that this form of exercise can help with healing:

  • You develop a stronger core, which can help with weakness of postural muscles and with strengthening and healing injuries sustained through work or lifestyle.  The practice can, apart from aiding healing, also help in developing a strong body overall, which may make you less susceptible to injury in the first place.
  • Pilates can really help in increasing fitness levels, which of course can help you recover from illness or injury at a quicker rate.
  • As your muscles become stronger through Pilates, your body burns more calories. It is a very effective compliment when trying to achieve better health through weight loss.  The benefits of being a healthy weight can be seen in a whole host of ways, from reduced risk of heart disease and diabetes to improved mental health.
  • Pilates encourages proper alignment which balances your skeleton and reduces strain on muscles and joints.  Good alignment helps to combat the effect of aches and pains and inhibited movement.
  • Flexibility is undoubtedly a great benefit of Pilates, giving you better movement in your joints helping you stay healthy.
  • Pilates is a form of exercise which uses the whole body and mind.  Relaxed breathing is an important tool in dealing with stress and anxiety. This breathing practiced in Pilates can help with stress relief, leaving you feeling more relaxed.

Pilates has indeed healing powers, from the physical benefits to the endorphins released through the feelings of calmness and wellbeing experienced during and after classes.  At Ballsbridge Physiotherapy Clinic all our Pilates classes are taught by chartered physiotherapists and their expertise delivers the best in this form of exercise.

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