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Keep Pulling Hamstring?

Keep Pulling Hamstring?


The story is often similar, sprinting or kicking a ball, and suddenly you feel a sharp pain in the back of the thigh and you know you’ve injured your hamstring. Usually the pain is too severe to continue playing so you hobble off the pitch. It may be your first injury but unfortunately it may not be your last. Hamstring injuries can reoccur. It can be a frustrating injury to suffer. There are some things that make you more susceptible to recurrent hamstring strains. At Ballsbridge Physiotherapy we address these factors in an aim to reduce the chance of your injury coming back:

Hip muscle strength: Weakness in the muscles of the hip and pelvis may inhibit the hamstring muscles working optimally. Correct and full rehabilitation of the muscles of the hip and pelvis is an important part of rehabilitation and may be helpful in prevent the injury coming back.

Hamstring strength: The strength of the muscles themselves is an important factor in an injury happening once and correcting any weakness is important.

Flexibility: Short, tight hamstring muscles seem to be a factor in strains. Combined with this, myofascial trigger points in the hamstring or gluteal muscles can be treated with Trigger Point Dry Needling. Your physiotherapist may also advise you on a dynamic warm-up and stretching programme to encourage lengthening of the muscles.

Whatever the cause, the experts at Ballsbridge Physiotherapy will work with you to address these factors and to implement an effective rehabilitation programme. Contact us for further information.

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