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Getting It Right for the Flora Women’s Mini Marathon

Getting It Right for the Flora Women’s Mini Marathon


It’s nearly that time of year again, with the Flora Women’s Mini Marathon coming up on Monday 2nd June.  Whether it’s your first time to walk the course or if you plan to improve on last year’s time, it is important to get your preparation right.  Things such as proper warm up and stretching along with consistent and regular walking or running sessions are essential to a successful day on the 2nd June.  One of the things you can also do to make sure that you are preparing yourself in the best way possible, is to avail of functional screening, which the expert physiotherapists in Ballsbridge Physiotherapy Clinic can help you with.

What are the benefits of Functional Screening?

David Richards, sports physiotherapist at Ballsbridge Physiotherapy Clinic provides a full movement screening service, which is a good starting place in advance of taking on training for the mini marathon.  It can also be of benefit if you are in training at the moment. Our screening service identifies any “flaws” in movement which may be subtle or not immediately apparent.

We will look at your mobility and stability and address any imbalances or weaknesses.  Working with you we can improve control of your movements, your stability, power and speed.  All of this can be done to improve your fitness and comfort while training.  It will also reduce your susceptibility to injury or pain when you take on your training schedule.  Essentially we can address problems before they arise.

So what next in preparation for the Mini Marathon?

  1. Make sure you have proper footwear & comfortable clothing.  This may sound obvious but it is important, not only to have the right gear and footwear but to make sure you break the footwear in gradually. If you have new shoes, wear them around the house and for short walks before wearing for a run.
  2. Warm up. This is an essential part of race preparation.  Whether you are a walker, a jogger or a seasoned runner, it is vital that you warm up as the first part of your training and on race day.  There are some good training tips available on the mini marathon site. From jogging on the spot to arm and leg swings, just make sure that you are fully warmed up before taking on any extensive exercises.
  3. One way of preventing stress or injury is stretching.  You should gradually build up your flexibility and begin with gentle stretching, making sure that you do not put too much stress on your body.
  4. Start running on a gradual basis.  If you are new to running, the key message is to start slowly, literally.  Check out The Guardian running blog for great tips on running for beginners.
  5. Set goals each time you train.  Your physiotherapist can help in determining what level you are at and advise you accordingly.

The experts at Ballsbridge Physiotherapy Clinic will be more than happy to help you in your preparation for the Flora Women’s Mini Marathon.  Chances are you are raising money for charity or reaching a long term personal goal so one of the most important messages about the day is: Enjoy it!

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