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Get your training back on track after Christmas

Get your training back on track after Christmas


Christmas and New Years are now over and many of our training routines may have fallen by the way-side. Nonetheless, January is a great time to get back on track and re-set your exercise goals that you want to achieve in 2018.

Here are six helpful tips to get you back on track with your training or fitness:

  1. Think achievable and sustainable. When coming up with a train schedule you must be realistic. Can you really achieve and sustain the volume and frequency of training? Start off easy and gradually increase volume, frequency and intensity of your training as your fitness levels increase.
  2. Set a goal and write it down. Set a short term goals that can be achieved in a few week or month and longer term goals than will keep you motivate for several months. Simply setting a goal of: going for a 30 min walk, 5 times a week, and to achieve this in 4 weeks may be a perfect starting point. Often signing up for a race, event or challenge can be a great goal to train and prepare for.
  3. Get organised. Schedule your training and events in your diary around your work, trips away, and social events.
  4. Join a club, team or exercise group. This is a great way to meet like-minded people and to push you further in your training than you would by yourself.
  5. Find something that motivates you. Whether you are training to improve your health, achieve a personal goal, run a marathon or complete a challenge in aid of a charity. Using this to motivate yourself will help keep you focused and determined.
  6. Don’t burn yourself out in January. So many fall into this trap each and every year. Slowly ease yourself back into your training and don’t over-do it at first, as this his may only lead to an injury or feeling burnt out.

Here at Ballsbridge Physiotherapy Clinic we can help you achieve your fitness goals if an injury or condition is hindering your training progress. We also offer running analysis and biomechanical assessments. Contact the clinic today to make an appointment with one of our chartered Physiotherapists.

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