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Get Fit For Skiing

Get Fit For Skiing


Cruising down a slope at top speed may look effortless but, as many skiers out there will know, it is a lot of hard work! Aching muscles and tired limbs can be commonplace after a day of fun on the slopes! So why not try to get your body ready for some of these demands and get fit for skiing.

Squats and lunges can be a good way to build up strength in your lower limb and buttock muscles. These muscles are important for skiing. For squats stand with your feet hip width apart and your arms straight out in front of you. Sit back, as if sitting on a bar stool, letting the back come forward slightly. Remember to keep the small arch in your lower back. Keep the knees behind the toes. Squeeze you bottom muscles as you come up into standing. You may hold the squat position for up to 1 minute or you can repeat the exercise until fatigue.


To lunge correctly stand with one leg quite far in front of your other foot. The heel of the back leg can come off the ground. Keeping your back straight bend your front knee to lunge down. Use your bottom muscles to come back up. Alternate legs. Don’t let your knee come over your toes and keep your back straight.


These exercises should not cause pain. If you are having problems discontinue and discuss with your physiotherapist.

It is also important to build up endurance. Most of us will attempt to stay on the slopes all day. If you do not have a good level of cardiovascular fitness you will get very tired. This may increase your risk of falls and injury in general. Jogging can be a good way to build up cardiovascular endurance.

If you are worried about the impact of skiing or any other high level activity on your body you may want to consider functional screening to identify and help eliminate any movement dysfunctions. Contact us at our Dublin 4 clinic to learn more.

These few small steps can really help to make your skiing holiday really enjoyable!


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