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What is Functional Training?

What is Functional Training?


At Ballsbridge Physiotherapy Clinic, David Richards works with a large range of people in the area of functional training. So what exactly is functional training and how can it help you? In essence it is classification of exercises which involved training the body for the activities performed in your everyday life. Through functional training we aim to re-educate the body or improve its ability to engage in normal activity or sport.

Who Could benefit from attending their physiotherapist?

• Everyday modern life can take its toll on the body. We often have to take part in repetitive tasks or sit in cars or at desks for long periods. Our posture and movement can lead to imbalances and asymmetrical use of our bodies. The repetitive and sometimes stressful nature of life, our movement and even how we relax or sleep can have negative effects on us. We can experience pain, overuse injury or muscle and tendon problems.

• People who play sport regularly, whether as a pastime or as a serious athlete, may also experience overuse injuries or pain related to repetitive action. Some areas in the body may tighten while others may become weak.

• People who play football, even as a weekend past-time, can experience such things as lateral thigh pain and tennis players often find they have shoulder pain.

• Functional training can help you if you are experiencing discomfort or injury associated with your day to day life or sporting activity. We know that the body is a very complex thing which needs care and attention to remain strong and healthy. Functional training aids this process. It could be what you are looking for in addressing the niggles, stresses and strains that daily life seems to throw up.

• People who are undergoing rehabilitation after an accident or illness may need the benefit of it to “relearn” movement.

 Full Movement Screening

At Ballsbridge Physiotherapy Clinic we have specialists who deal with functional training on a daily basis. We carry out full movement screening, which can help identifying movement “flaws” or movement which may be adding to stress or pain. The body uses very complex muscle and movement patterns and out experts aim to pinpoint specific movement which could be the cause of some of the pain or injury experienced by the client.

Functional training can increase mobility, speed and power which can aid you in everyday or sporting life. To have full movement screening carried out, simply contact Ballsbridge Physiotherapy Clinic and we will be glad to help.


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