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Flexibility In GAA Players – Increasing Your Performance

Flexibility In GAA Players – Increasing Your Performance


As the game has evolved, modern hurling and football players are finding a greater need to perform with increased flexibility and physical fitness to keep them competing to the highest standards. Care needs to be given not to overtrain especially with young players. GAA players also know that sports injuries are often the result of poor training practices and lack of warm-up and stretching, and they must adopt techniques to overcome serious injury.

At Ballsbridge Physiotherapy Clinic we believe that greater flexibility through the adoption of dedicated stretching exercises can increase performance and also prevent injuries. Many leading clubs have adopted training and exercises, employing professional sports physiotherapists to help with player performance.

Increasing performance

As our joints are tightly held together, the room in which they can range in motion (ROM) is defined by how much ‘extra give’ is created during stretching. Increasing your ROM will help improve running and will build physical performance.

The practice of Pilates exercises helps increase muscle strength and joint flexibility and is adopted by many successful clubs and sports individuals in Ireland.

One of the many measures adopted by sports physio is to increase muscle flexibility in GAA training sessions. This means that, during warm up and cool down exercises (as preparation with all physical activity), there is a dedicated time allowed to perform a full range of body stretching. Because individual players will have different needs to accommodate previous injuries or muscle complaints, they will require customised warm-ups to suit them.

At our sports clinic we can help you with increasing your flexibility through the practice of individual exercise, as well as treat injury and pain as a result of poor posture and movement that may hinder performance.

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