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Fact or Myth – Does Cold Weather Affect Your Joints?

Fact or Myth – Does Cold Weather Affect Your Joints?


As the summer comes to an end and you begin to wrap up in your winter woolies, you may notice that your joints are beginning to stiffen up with the cold weather. This is a common problem, with many people reporting their condition worsen as the temperature drops. Research would suggest that it is not actually the cold weather itself that causes joint pain to worsen, it is more likely to be the change in the barometric pressure.

Why The Weather Affects Your Joints

Alterations in the atmospheric pressure affect joint pain symptoms and as a result of a drop in pressure your joints may swell. Those who suffer with joint pain often blame the cold weather for making their condition worse, when in fact, this is not the case. It is the change or the drop in barometric pressure that can cause your joint pain to worsen, so moving to a warmer country is not necessarily going to cure your joint pain or arthritis.

High humidity can also have a significant impact on the pain in your joints. This is said to be caused by dehydration in the body during a spell of high humidity. Simple strategies such as staying indoors, adjusting the air conditioning, and applying cooling products such as mint lotion can help to relieve painful joints during the summer months.

Arthritis and Barometric Pressure

Joint problems or pain can react badly to the drop in barometric pressure during the winter weather and what may be a dull ache during the summer months, can become a shooting pain during winter when the weather is damp and cold. Arthritis is thought to be the condition that is worse-affected by the drop in pressure. This condition can occur at any body joint, but it is most commonly found in fingers and hands, hips and the spine.

In order to reduce some of the symptoms of stiff and sore joints during the winter months, it is important to make the best effort possible to keep your body warm by wearing layers. With joint pain, some people report feeling great in places that have increased barometric pressure, but hurt more in locations where the pressure is lower.

So in conclusion, it is not specifically cold weather that is affecting your joint pain, it is most likely, barometric pressure that affects the pain associated with stiff joints.

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