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Does Exercise Cause Joint Problems?

Does Exercise Cause Joint Problems?


While some people may believe that exercise can cause problems with joints there really isn’t any concrete evidence to support this idea in general.  In fact exercise has so many physical and mental health benefits that they far outweigh the possibility of perhaps sustaining injury during exercise. There are plenty of people who have exercised every day of their lives without suffering joint problems. Some people with weakened muscles may however, experience joint problems. At Ballsbridge Physiotherapy Clinic we can work with you to plan your exercise schedule with a focus on injury or pain prevention.

There are some differing causes of joint pain. Exercise in itself does not cause joint pain but factors such as injury, bursitis and pre-existing conditions such as osteoarthritis need to be managed in order to exercise safely.

There are ways to ease pressure on your joints. Physiotherapy can help in a range of ways.

  •  Your physiotherapist can help you manage joint pain by using ice or heat therapy along with splinting or bracing if required.
  • Your chartered physiotherapist can help you to increase your activity levels as lack of exercise can be detrimental. Finding a balance between strain on joints and positive effects of exercise can be a real benefit of physiotherapy.
  • Massage can ease pain and tension around joints and can relax joints. It also has stress relieving and therapeutic benefits. Pain can cause stress and massage can ease the associated anxiety.
  • Your physiotherapist may suggest dry needling to aid muscles and tendons around the painful  area
  • During physiotherapy you will be given skills to help improve and manage your condition.  Stretching and strengthening under supervision can help joint problems and can prevent further pain in some patients.

Keeping active is important for all of us. Exercise in itself does not cause joint problems. If you have an underlying condition however, it is wise to see your physiotherapist before undertaking a new exercise regime. Your joints are designed to move. Keeping them in shape can actually avoid injury. If you do have any joint problems, the experts at Ballsbridge Physiotherapy Clinic are here to help and advise you. It is good to remember that, in general, you have more to gain than to lose by keeping fit and active.

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