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Many people who work sitting at a desk, find that they get uncomfortable at work. Staying the same position over long periods of time can cause stress and strain on the joints of the neck, back, shoulders and wrists. There are many simple things that can be done to help reduce these problems.

Maintaining a good posture, while sitting at your desk, helps to reduce pressure on your joints. This means sitting up straight and avoiding slouching. You can adjust your screen, keyboard and mouse to a suitable position, to make it easier to maintain a good posture. Working on a laptop computer can make it particularly difficult to sit up straight. A simple solution can be to use a separate mouse and keyboard. You can then put books under your laptop so that the screen is at an appropriate height. This helps to avoid strain on your neck.

Taking regular breaks from your desk can also reduce the likelihood of you experiencing back or neck pain at work. This can mean simply getting up from your chair and walking around the office once every hour, or making an effort to complete some work tasks away from the computer. For further information see the HSA’s document on ergonomics in the workplace.

If you feel you need further advice on your workstation, please contact us to book an appointment. Our physiotherapists can make recommendations regarding posture, desk height, computer and phone set up which can help reduce these problems.

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