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Dublin Marathon: 3 Months to Go!

Dublin Marathon: 3 Months to Go!


For those enthusiastic runners out there, the countdown is well and truly on to the Airtricity Dublin Marathon 2014! With about 3 months left to go, your training should be well under way. Here are some tips to help with your training at this stage of the preparation.

Enter shorter races

You may find it helpful to enter some shorter races in the next few weeks. This is really useful preparation for getting used to running in a race set-up. You’ll gain valuable information on running at your race pace, eating and drinking before a run, and dealing with running in a crowd. The Dublin race series 10 mile and half-marathon events are coming up in soon in Phoenix Park.

Take it slow

Don’t be tempted to increase your mileage too quickly. In our Ballsbridge clinic we find many marathon runners experience problems when mileage is increased very quickly. You total mileage should only increase a small amount each week, otherwise you run the risk of injury.

Keep hydrated

Be careful in the heat. Currently we’re all feeling the recent increase in temperature. While it’s great weather for lying on the beach, it’s not so easy to train for a marathon! Remember to drink extra water if running in heat and try to time your runs for cooler times of the day.

Remember if you’re experiencing difficulty running due to an injury, the experts at Ballsbridge Physiotherapy can help you out. Contact us for further information.

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