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How to Improve Your Core Muscles

How to Improve Your Core Muscles


What Are Core Muscles?

When we talk about core muscles we’re generally talking about the muscles of your abdomen, specifically your deep abdominal muscles, and the muscles of your back and pelvic floor. Muscles such as the gluteals (bottom), deep neck muscles and scapular (shoulder blade) muscles can also be included in this definition. Most muscles function to move different areas of the body. Core muscles are different in that their main function is to support body segments.

What Is The Role Of Core Muscles?

The way core muscles work has been shown to change with pain, with some muscles switching off and others over-working. The function of these muscles has not been shown to return to normal when the pain goes away. It is therefore important to maintain a healthy core.

Core muscles have many important roles. These include;

  • supporting the neck and back,
  • keeping upright posture, and
  • maintaining continence.

How Does Pilates Help?

Pilates is a great way of strengthening core muscles. Here in our Dublin 4 clinic we run mat-based Pilates classes. During these classes a series of exercises are completed focusing on improving the strength of these muscles. At Ballsbridge Physiotherapy these classes are kept small, with a maximum of 6 in each class, and all our classes are taught by a Chartered Physiotherapist. If needed, we will invite you in for a pre-pilates assessment to ensure your suitability for the class. Classes are grouped based on ability. If you would like further information about Pilates classes and strengthening your core, contact us for more information.


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