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Common Knee Injuries

Common Knee Injuries


Knee injuries are very common in sport.  At our Ballsbridge clinic we treat many athletes experiencing knee pain. The source of pain can be from a tendon, ligament, meniscus (cartilage) tear or even a fracture. Generally knee injuries are divided into acute injuries where there is a sudden onset of knee pain and injuries where the onset is more gradual.

Acute knee injuries

Acute knee injuries occur in sports that involve twisting, turning and changing direction. Many structures in the knee can be injured with these movements. The injury that many athletes worry about is a tear of the anterior cruciate ligament or ACL. This ligament is normally injured when the foot is anchored in the ground and the knee twists. This can happen with landing from a jump or turning suddenly. Often the athlete will feel a ‘pop’ in the knee. Knee pain can be severe and swelling can appear quickly. If you physiotherapist or doctor suspects this injury, you will be referred for an MRI scan. Many of these injuries are repaired surgically and your physiotherapist will guide you in the rehabilitation of the knee.

Twisting and turning movements can also cause injuries to the collateral ligaments, on the inside and outside of the knee, and the knee cartilage (meniscus). Often with a meniscal tear you may feel clicking in the knee joint. The physiotherapists in our Dublin 4 clinic will complete a thorough examination of the knee and will explain to you the source of your knee pain. Treatment may include exercise to strengthen the muscles of the knee and hip, mobilisations of the knee joint and advice on taping and strapping the knee.

Gradual Knee injuries

Knee pain, that comes on gradually, can often affect runners, hill walkers and cyclists. The knee pain is often in the front of the knee. This patellofemoral pain may come on following an increase in training or a change in footwear. With this condition it is vital to figure out the factors that caused pain to develop. This will mean an assessment of your movement and biomechanics to identify any movement flaws. Treatment will aim to correct these flaws and help prevent the return of the knee pain.

Knee pain can cause considerable limitations to athletes and time off sport. Contact Ballsbridge Physiotherapy to arrange an assessment of your knee pain with the aim of getting you back to sport as soon as possible.

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