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Common Back Pain During Pregnancy

Common Back Pain During Pregnancy


According to It is estimated that between 50% to 80% of women experience back pain during pregnancy. The types and levels can vary.  Your physiotherapist can help you to avoid some of the problems and also give you tools in tackling pain when it does occur.

Types of Back Pain during Pregnancy

Lumbar or lower back pain.  This can range from mild discomfort to acute or chronic distress.  Lumbar pain during pregnancy is generally In the lower part of the back. It can be central or can be on one side of the back.  It is similar to lower back discomfort felt by non-pregnant women.  If you suffer from such discomfort in general, it may increase during pregnancy.

Posterior pelvic pain is felt in the back of the pelvis and is common during pregnancy.  It can be felt on one or both sides and is characterised by a deep discomfort under the waist and across the pelvis.  It can also extend into the buttock and upper thighs. It can result in difficulty in the mornings as stiffness of the pelvis area becomes a problem.  Pelvic pain may be exacerbated by lifting, twisting or bending, getting in or out of a car, or out of a seat or bed, going up stairs, rolling in bed or even by walking.

 Natural causes of back pain during pregnancy

  • Hormones produced during pregnancy allow your ligaments around the pelvis to soften.  This is in preparation for labour. This can prompt pain as you feel your back does not have the level of support you usually experience.
  • Changes in your posture can cause discomfort when pregnant. Your centre of gravity changes as your baby grows and this can cause muscle fatigue or pain in your back. Muscular imbalance can also cause a strain on your back when pregnant.
  • You naturally gain weight when pregnant as you support your growing baby.  This weight can put pressure on your back resulting in pain.
  • If you experience any stressful periods during your pregnancy it can also have an effect on you as you tense up.  This tension can be centred on your back.

Prevention and Treatment

There are a number of things you can do to minimise back pain during pregnancy, from approved exercise to sleeping in a different position or just making sure to get adequate rest.  What is important is that you get the right advice.  At Ballsbridge Physiotherapy Clinic we have longstanding expertise in dealing with back pain experienced by pregnant clients.  Our chartered physiotherapists can help you deal with back pain in pregnancy so you can get on with planning for your new arrival.

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