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The Benefits of Manual Therapy for Pain and Improving Movement

The Benefits of Manual Therapy for Pain and Improving Movement


There are many treatments used by the experts at Ballsbridge Physiotherapy Clinic to deal with pain and improve movement, from dry needling to exercise and different types of massage.

For many sufferers of back or neck pain, often a course of manual therapy can relieve symptoms of pain and stiffness quickly. This type of therapy uses skilled methods such as manipulation and mobilisation to address pain and its causes. There are many benefits of such therapy including:

Benefits of Manual Therapy

  • Rapid Pain Relief: Many patients get immediate pain relief following a session of manual therapy with their chartered physiotherapist. If you have discomfort as a result of stress on muscles or a lighter injury, it could give you relief from pain.
  • Mobilisation & Manipulation: Can loosen stiffness in a joint. This can increase the range of movement in a joint, allowing function to improve and pain to reduce.
  • Muscle Function: When joints are stiff and sore the function of muscles around the joint can be affected and muscles do not work as efficiently. Manual therapy which increases movement at a joint and reduces pain can indirectly allow the function of the muscles to improve.


Manual therapy has many benefits for those suffering injury or pain. There are a range of treatments that can help in addressing your complaint. At Ballsbridge Physiotherapy Clinic we can work with you to alleviate the results of injury, stress or illness.


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