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Benefits of Exercise for Children

Benefits of Exercise for Children


With an increase in childhood obesity and the associated risks, it has never been more important to make sure that your child gets the best start with a healthy lifestyle, from good food to plenty of activity. At Ballsbridge Physiotherapy Clinic we work with parents and children to make sure that they are getting the best from physical activity, from avoiding injury to having fun. There are numerous benefits to exercise, including:

  • Bone Strength: As a child is growing it is vital to make sure that they keep active to promote strength. Weight-beating Exercise in early childhood strengthens bones. This increases bone density which can reduce the risk of osteoporosis in later life.
  • Feeling Good about Yourself: Being a child, while a time of wonder, can also bring a myriad of new challenges. Exercising has great benefits for children. Those who are engaged in physical activity often do so around others and get used to dealing with losing, winning and working together, improving their social skills. They also make friends and get the natural high that moving about brings. It is also a great form of play, associated with feelings of well-being and increased levels of serotonin. Feeling good about yourself can help with mental well-being as you grow up.
  • Better Concentration and Behaviour: Exercise helps learning and productivity. Physical movement has links to better learning and concentration. It also helps children release all that energy and fun just waiting to be let go. When they have an outlet for expressing themselves though active play or sport, it can have positive effects in the classroom too. Children who are active are also less likely to ever smoke. That alone is a reason to get the kids moving about.

If you are planning to get the whole family active, Ballsbridge Physiotherapy Clinic can work with you to plan the best way to get moving. We offer paediatric physiotherapy services and advice for families on how to get adults and children alike getting the benefits of exercise.

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