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Back Pain: Myths and Realities

Back Pain: Myths and Realities


It is believed that up to 80% of us will suffer from back pain at some point in our life ( The experts at Ballsbridge Physiotherapy Clinic have many years’ experience dealing with the effects of such pain. While it is very common, there are a number of myths around what causes pain, both in the lower and upper regions of the back. Here are just a few of those back pain myths and the corresponding realities.

Myth: Only Surgery will Ease Back Pain

In fact spinal surgery is only recommended in very few cases, with most people benefitting from a range of other treatments, physiotherapy being high among them.  It is much more usual for patients to relieve symptoms by methods other than surgery and physiotherapy can treat you for a range of problems associated with the pain.

Myth: The Only Thing to Make You Better is Bed Rest

While rest, for example, after an injury may be initially beneficial, there is strong evidence that trying to keep active can in fact aid recovery.  It’s important to realise that gradually getting back into you routine can help and that staying in bed can actually aggravate your symptoms.

Myth: Exercise Causes the Pain in Your Back

Regular exercise actually helps prevent discomfort. If you do not exercise, muscles can weaken and this itself can lead to pain or injury. If you suffer from back pain, your specialist can work with you to find the best type and level of exercise to help you.

Myth: A Back Injury means Long Term Pain

An injury to your back does not need to mean long term pain.  Using physiotherapy, you can overcome the symptoms of your injury.  Most people do not suffer long term.  It is important to have your pain treated, but it need not become a long term factor in your life.

Myth: Pain is a Normal Part of Ageing

Serious discomfort does not have to be a regular feature of getting older.  While you may be more susceptible to pain as you get older, there is no reason why suffering should be part of your daily life.

Myth: Back Pain is due to something being “Out of Place”

There is no evidence to suggest that pain in your back means that there is a bone or joint out of place.  Back pain can occur for a range of reasons, from injury to strain to stress.  Talk to your physiotherapist to ease your worry and to plan therapy to treat the pain.

Myth: You Shouldn’t Lift Things

While you should not lift anything that is too heavy for you, lifting in itself should not damage your back.  It’s about how you lift.  Remember to squat close to the object with your knees bent, your head up and your back straight.

Research continues to prove that physiotherapy can really help in the management of pain. If you are experiencing back pain contact us at Ballsbridge Physiotherapy Clinic to start on the road to recovery

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