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Stronger for Longer Classes

Stronger for Longer at Ballsbridge Physiotherapy

If you are interested in starting a Stronger For Longer Class, please contact Alistair at or complete our online contact form below to register. Please note that beginners will require a free assessment before starting a class. 

Stronger for Longer is a strength and conditioning class new to the clinic in 2018. It is focused on using both body weight and weights to build muscle strength and improve overall fitness to enhance your quality of life. The main goals for anyone partaking in the class are to:

  • Improve muscle strength and endurance
  • Challenge balance and co-ordination
  • Reduce risk of falls and injuries
  • Improve bone health
  • Help manage chronic diseases
  • Enhance quality of life and improve ability to do everyday activities

The class is suitable for individuals of all ages and physical abilities, even those who lead a sedentary lifestyle and would like to gently increase their exercise level, It is aimed towards those who wish to improve their strength, balance, co-ordination and functional ability. In addition, this class or our Healthy Bones class would be suitable for anyone living with osteoporosis.

It is a one hour exercise class that includes a warm up, circuit style exercises, a cool down and stretches. All classes are led by an experienced chartered physiotherapist with a low number of participants in each class which allows for individualised attention for each participant. All equipment for the class is provided by the clinic. It is advisable to wear comfortable clothing that is suitable to exercise and move in.

The class runs on Tuesday and Thursday mornings from 11am – 12pm. If you would to secure your place in our class, or if you have any queries about the class, fill out the contact form below or call us on 01-6606582.


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