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Exercise for Osteoporosis



Bone Health

In our clinic we offer an exercise programme aimed at improving bone density. The classes cover all physical aspects important in building stronger bones and reducing fracture risk. This includes:

  • posture reeducation and balance work to prevent falls,
  • mobility exercises are also included to maintain range of movement

These exercises are offered on a one to one basis and our clinical specialist in sports and exercise medicine will tailor the programme to suit each individual’s needs. Sessions last 45 minutes and run on a six-week basis.

Bone is a living, growing tissue which is made up mostly of collagen and calcium phosphate. Throughout our lives, old bone is removed and new bone is added to our skeleton. Peak bone mass (maximum bone density and strength) is reached around age 30. After that time, bone removal slowly begins to exceed bone formation leading to a loss of bone strength.

If you would like to receive more information on our bone density classes, please get in touch with us through our contact page and we will happily advise you.