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Injury Prevention


An integral component of Ballsbridge Physiotherapy Clinic is the promotion of a healthy lifestyle and the prevention of injury. One way in which you could begin to strengthen weak or injured muscles is by taking our core-strengthening classes.

These core-strengthening classes are based on the Pilates method, which works by enhancing the ability and the overall strength of the core muscles. At our clinic, we also offer beginners’ classes in Pilates and we provide a free assessment if required.

A simple exercise programme can benefit treatment and speed up recovery time of any injury, whether it is a common sporting Injury or ongoing chronic back pain. Developing and improving co-ordination and balance is vital for a healthy lifestyle and our accredited physiotherapists Aileen Maguire and Sarah Brady can provide you with the correct approach to treating your pain.

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  • Pilates Classes

    injury prevention core exercises stretching These classes are based on the Pilates method modified and taught by a chartered physiotherapist.

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  • +Work Station | Office Ergonomics

    injury prevention office ergonomics work station imageErgonomics looks at the type of work you do, the environment you work in, and the tools you use to do your job. The goal of office ergonomics is to set up your office work space so that it fits you and the job you are doing.

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  • +Functional Training

    injury prevention functional training squat imageTraditional treatment and rehabilitation methods have mainly concentrated on joint and muscle flexibility and strength, unfortunately human movement uses combinations of complex patterns of muscle and joint activity which is rarely isolated to one area.

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